Friday, November 7, 2008

New Jersey Flea Market Route 70

Route 70 Flea Market in Lakewood NJ has approximately 400 vendors on weekends. As a vendor I have seen an increase in vendors in the last few months. I would imagine that this is due to our present economic crisis and everyone is trying to make a little cash as best they can. I have been a vendor for the past two years and I am seeing more customers as well as vendors. It has been hard times for many of us and flea markets are a wonderful place to save money and earn extra money. Whether you have a desire to sell any of your own items, or purchase from wholesalers on line, flea markets offer you different merchandise at very low prices.

Route 70 Flea Market in New Jersey is situated on several acres of land, has an indoor market as well as outdoor, and has ample parking. The hundreds of vendors here come from all walks of life and some have been selling here for years. The cost of the tables used by vendors is $5.00 on Friday and $10.00 per table on Saturdays and Sundays. There is also an additional $5.00 fee if vendors utilize racks near their tables. However, all in all it is cheap compared to other flea markets in this area. This flea market offers food and beverage, has a hot dog stand with sabrett hot dogs, and in the summer they offer all flavors of Italian ice.

As a vendor, I know that customers want to see a clean organized table, and that is what I always strive for. I use colorful table clothes to display my items, and I make sure that each item can be seen by the customers without having to go through a pile of things, or move items around the table. I believe that it all boils down to sale ability. I receive many compliments on the way I present my tables to customers, and they also recommend others to visit my table. I sell everything from woman's handbags, pottery items, glassware, and jewelry. Click here NOW to find items that YOU can sell at your local flea markets or even on EBay

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Flea Markets In New Jersey

Flea Markets in New Jersey have many choices of merchandise to offer customers. I love shopping at flea markets because everything is so cheap compared to department store costs, and let's face it we need to save money now that our Country is experiencing the worse economic situation in our history since the great depression. Therefore, I do shop in flea markets and have been for many years, and I am also a vendor.

I tend to purchase clothing as one of my first choices, and I look for clothing with tags on them. Vendors in my local flea markets in New Jersey have a variety of clothing. I have obtained many designer clothes such as jeans, sweaters, and jackets that have original tags. When you compare what a department store is selling these items for to what a vendor is selling these items for, You have to be crazy not to buy from flea markets. This is because many vendors actually purchase flea market wholesale items on line. Thereby providing the customer with quality updated fashion items. These vendors use on line wholesale sources and buy in bulk or will purchase sample items first to see how they will sell.

Flea markets in New Jersey have everything your family desires when it comes to clothing and will sell these items for far less than department store prices. Vendors can do this when they purchase items in bulk. For instance, handbags are items that I like to sell to my customers. I started by purchasing a sample of 20 handbags (not knock-offs) for less than $10.00 each including shipping and handling, and I sold them for $20-$25 each. Thereby making a profit of 200% and more. These handbags would sell at department stores for minimum of $50.00 to $75.00 when you do your research and just compare the difference.

If anything, YOU have to at least try to visit your local flea markets today and see if what I am saying is not true. Do you need to save money? Are you or someone in your family currently unemployed? I know how to be a frugal shopper and I am telling YOU that flea markets are the place to go for quality items and flea markets are here to stay! Why not start a flea market business of your very own. It is not that hard if I do it, so can YOU!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How flea markets help you save and make money

One way to save money during these uncertain times, is to visit your local flea markets. Whether you are unemployed, on a tight budget, or simply want to save for a rainy day, a flea market is a great place to buy the products your family needs. Anything and everything from clothing, jewelry, furniture, tools, or decorative items for your home can be located at a flea market.

Flea markets have been around for years and are found all over the world, and certainly are a good resource to buy great products at low-low prices. Whether you go to an indoor or outdoor flea market, you will have an opportunity to buy things at very reasonable prices. Far better than department stores that have huge price mark-ups, and promote use of credit.

Another way to save the flea market way is to become a vendor or seller. You can earn extra cash by simply going into your closets, garage, basement, or attic, and get rid of things that have been collecting dust. Think about it, it is only taking up space, so why not sell these items at a flea market. Vendors can earn hundreds of dollars by merely cleaning out their closets. This can include very collectable items that some will buy to resell on Ebay. You may also want to consider making your own products or purchase items from wholesale vendors and start your own flea market business. All good reasons to go to your local flea markets today and start saving.

For more information on saving the flea market way click here

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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